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Techlight Ambi Lamp RGB 3x3W SOFORT VERFÜGBAR

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Techlight Ambi Lamp RGB 3x3W

Stylish white-light and colour-changing lamp for a cosy atmosphere

Product Highlights
  • This lamp gives every room in a house a comfortable ambience.
  • You can perfectly relax by watching the colour changing light.
  • Moreover the lamp can brighten a room with a light white colour.
  • The plain plastic surface of the lamp is easily to clean and scatch-proof.
  • The lamp can not fall on it’s side when somebody strikes it, because it has a built-in balance weight in the base.
  • In OFF mode the lamp’s body has the colour of matt white. Therefore the lamp fits in every room of the house, whatever the main colour of the room is.
  • On the top of the lamp is a small handle for easy transport and you also can hang the lamp up somewhere.

    Technical Specifications
  • LED power 3 x 3W ultra bright LEDs
  • Lithium battery of 1800mAh
  • Input voltage AC85 260V / Input frequency 50–60Hz
  • Input frequency 50 – 60Hz
  • IP Rating IP54
  • Remote Control CR2025 / 3V battery
  • Built-in balance weight in the base
  • Lamp colour matt golden bottom, white body (not transparent), matt golden top with handle
  • Working time (fully charged) on a single colour ~ 7 hours. Only white colour and on colour changing program ~ 3,5 hours.

    Package Contents
  • Ambi Lamp RGB 3x3W
  • Remote Control
  • User Manual

    Dimensions and Weight
  • Weight lamp 1082g
  • Dimensions lamp 20cm bottom x 30cm height x 7cm top (Pear-Shap)

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