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Technaxx LED Stripe Set-3528 Warmweiß Wasserfest SOFORT VERFÜGBAR

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Technaxx LED Stripe Set-3528 Warm White Waterproof

LED Stripe Set-3528 Warm White Waterproof (for indoor and outdoor lightening usable)

Product Highlights


  • Very low power consumption / Energy class A

  • Life time &ge 50000 hours

  • Lenght 5 meters

  • Flexible and easy to attach

  • No generation of heat

  • Only for inside lighting (Decoration lighting / Backing lighting for signal letters / Lighting for stairways/entrances/exits, auditorim walkways, staircases, etc. / Lighting for shops, theaters, cinemas, aircraft cabins, amusement parks, etc. / Lighting for archway, canopy, bridges)

    Technical Specifications

  • LED type SMD3528

  • Colour warm white

  • LED number total 150 pcs. (30 LED/m)

  • Beam angle 120°

  • Measure L/W/H 5000mm / 8mm / 2.5mm

  • Brightness 750Lm

  • Working Voltage DC12V (AC220V)

  • Power consumption total 12W (2,4W/m)

  • Degree of protection IP65 (waterproof)

  • Life time &ge 50000 hours

  • Dimmable NO

    Package Contents

  • LED Stripe RGB-Set-5050

  • Power adapter (AC220V DC12V EU-standard 36W 3A)

    Generel Information / Handling of LED-Stripes

  • Voltage for LED stripes is DC12V (make sure before connection or LED stripe could be permanently damaged).

  • Always use approved switch power supply (protection against short circuit and/or overloading).

  • The switch power supply must work in a dry and ventilative place.

  • Do not crush or cut open the LED stripes. Static loading is forbidden and avoid excessive machine vibration.

  • Collision and squeezing are forbidden to avoid damages to the LED stipes.

  • For the waterproof LED stripes the finish lead must be ensured as waterproof to prevent a short circuit.



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